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Web application scanner comparison efforts

It's been three months since we started a project, which aims at benchmarking SQLI scanners. Although our project is far from the finish, I've decided to share articles and postings by other researches who had undertaken similar efforts. Publications are sorted in order of appearance.
  1. Andreas Wiegenstein, Frederik Weidemann, Dr. Markus Schumacher, Sebastian Schinzel. Web Application Vulnerability Scanners – a Benchmark. Published in October 2006.

  2. Larry Suto. Analyzing the Effectiveness and Coverage of Web Application Security Scanners. Published in October 2007. And responses to it by Ory Segal (IBM) and by Jeff Forristal (HP).

  3. Anantasec. Web Application Scanners Comparison. Published in January 2007.

  4. Larry Suto. Analyzing the Accuracy and Time Costs of Web Application Security Scanners. And responses to it by Acunetix, NT Objectives, Jeremiah Grossman and HP. Published in February 2010.

  5. Jason Bau, Elie Bursztein, Divij Gupta, John Mitchell. State of the Art: Automated Black-Box Web Application Vulnerability Testing. Published in May 2010.

  6. Adam Doupe, Marco Cova, and Giovanni Vigna. Why Johnny Can’t Pentest: An Analysis of Black-box Web Vulnerability Scanners. Published in July 2010.

  7. Shay Chen. Web Application Scanners Accuracy Assessment. Published in December 2010.

Out of list, but still related work.

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